How Long A Friends With Benefits Relationship Will Last

With the push towards being more open to the many types of relationships that are out there, people have been more comfortable engaging in friends with benefits relationships in recent years. People are finding these relationships easier to manage in a world that is so fast-paced and where you might not know what you will be doing in a year or two. With how popular these relationships are, there are many questions that have arisen from those who are interested in such a relationship. Today we are here to answer one of those questions.

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How Long Can a FWB Arrangement Last?

This is a question that a lot of people have and they want an answer to it. Unfortunately, the answer might not be exactly what you are looking for. It really depends on the relationship and what is going on. We are going to take a look at some of the things to consider when determining how long a friends with benefits relationship will last.

Do You Know Each Other?

Today, a good number of friends with benefits relationships start on the internet. There are whole websites dedicated specifically to finding such a relationship. When you find a partner for a FWB relationship without having known them first, the relationship is likely to last longer. There are no bonds that are going to create complications quickly. Just keep in mind that that doesn't mean you won't develop feelings or other complications, it just makes it less likely.

For relationships that start out as true friendships and then become friends with benefits, you are less likely to have your relationship last a while. There are more likely to be complications that develop and you are more likely to catch feelings for each other. At the same time, some FWB relationships that start as friends last a long time because you already have that trust and relationship in place. You will likely notice that such a relationship is much more likely to have blurred lines between a traditional relationship and a FWB relationship because you likely spend a lot of time together outside of being intimate.

Do You Do Friend Activities?

A Friends with Benefits relationship is very versatile. Some relationships are purely for the sex, others are friends who engage in sexual activities on the side without feelings. The choice is up to yours and both styles of relationships have their benefits. In general, those who engage in a FWB relationship where they do things other than sex are less likely to last long. This is because the activities start to blur the line between sexual partners and lovers. That being said, this type of relationship matches some people's lifestyles and preferences.

Your Personality

Something that also plays a role in how long a FWB relationship lasts is your personality. Some people enjoy being with the same person for a long period of time but some don't. In fact, one of the reasons that some people seek out friends with benefits is so that they can have short relationships with someone without hurt feelings and without ties. Depending on what type of personality you have you might be prone to longer relationships or shorter relationships when enjoying having FWBs.

The Quality Of Your Partner

Most people will tell you that they have experienced what it is like to be in a bad relationship, a relationship where you just don't meld with the other person. That's fine, it happens. Not everyone in the world is meant to get along with everyone else. This happens in friends with benefits relationships too. When you are in a relationship that you just don't mesh with the other person, it isn't likely to last long. Sometimes it may not last past the first time you two get together.

Your Status In Life

What is going on in your life plays a big role in how a friends with benefits relationship goes. One of the big reasons a person picks a friends with benefits relationship is that they aren't planning to stay in one place too long. A FWB relationship is ideal for this kind of lifestyle because it leaves you with no ties when it comes time to move. Often, when you are in a FWB relationship and you plan on moving, the relationship lasts only as long as you plan to stay in one place. It is very rare that a person wants to move for someone that they are in a FWB relationship with. The one exception is for best friends who become FWBs.

Your FWB partner might also do the same thing, break off a relationship if they are looking to move or stay fluid.

Finding Someone

One of the biggest and most unpredictable measures when it comes to a friends with benefits relationship is if one party meets someone that they want to start a traditional relationship with. This can happen at any time and anyone is prone to finding their match in life. Sometimes it even happens to people who swear they will never be in a traditional relationship. While rare, this can even happen after your first time being in a FWB encounter with a new partner.

This doesn't necessarily spell the end of a relationship though as many people are becoming open to open relationships.

In a world of sex-positive culture, it is important to remember that anything can happen. These are more guidelines than steadfast points. Some of the things we are discussing are set in stone while most are up in the air and depend on the people involved. Even one person might experience every FWB relationship differently. Keep this in mind and only use this article as a guide to what friends with benefits relationships should look like. The most important part of any FWB relationship is that you enjoy yourself and get the most out of it while it lasts.

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