How to Use Tinder for NSA Hookup

When looking to date online there are a lot of options out there but almost everyone has heard of Tinder, and that is for good reason. Tinder is one of the most popular hookup apps in the world and has been for quite some time. Tinder was originally designed to help make finding a partner quicker and easier. What it also did though, was provide a great platform to find NSA or FWB partners.

Tinder NSA Hookup

Spend Some Time On Your Profile

Tinder's profiles are pretty basic, that is the point of them. They consist of profile pictures and a small section that you can add text to. Even though the profile section is small, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't spend some time doing it.

Whether you approve of it or not, profile pictures are the first things that people look at when they see you on Tinder. Some people don't even read the biography. That means it is important to have quality photos. Don't use photos that make you look like a model or feel unnatural, this will cause people to be suspicious of your profile.

Instead, what you are looking for is photos of you doing things that you like or doing everyday tasks where you can smile. Try to avoid selfies because they often aren't the best photos that you. It doesn't hurt to have a friend take a few photos for you with a high-quality camera.

Don't use photos where you are not fully dressed or are suggestive. Many people will skip these simply because they don't come off as real or they come off as sleazy.

When it comes to writing your profile, don't do anything too lengthy. You want a short blurb that gives a brief description of yourself. Don't mention anything to do with sex, even if that is all you are looking for. That will not attract people to your profile.

Don't Swipe On Everyone

Some people swipe yes on every profile they see or every profile that is remotely attractive. Don't do this. The algorithm notices when you swipe on everyone. Instead, swipe only on the people that truly interest you. Make sure to spend that moment reading their profile to ensure that they aren't looking for something serious and they actually like what you like. It also helps you to avoid fake profiles and scams.

Craft A Good First Message

Technically the first time you make contact with someone is when you swipe them to show you are interested but you make more of an impression when you message them for the first time. Your first message will make or break the interaction.

Do not make any sexual comments in your first few messages. You want to connect with each other and break the ice. This is to help build the trust that you need to have when meeting someone on the internet.

One of the best things that you can do in your first message is to find something in one of their pictures or in their profile to comment on. This shows that you pay attention.

It never hurts to have some conversation starters on hand for when you can't think of what to use for the first message. Some people tell jokes, others use memes, some ask questions. One thing is for sure, people who simply say hi or how are you are likely to get no response. The same goes for using all abbreviations such as HRU?

Be Honest

It is important to be honest when you are using Tinder or any online hookup app. Trust is needed when you are meeting people off the internet. Make sure that you tell the person that you are just looking for an NSA relationship and not anything else. This will help to prevent problems and prevent anyone from getting hurt.

In general, you want to be honest about the other parts of your interactions too. Lying about things such as how rich you are or what you like to do can be easy to find out. Even in an NSA or FWB relationship, you want to have trust. Your partner wants to know if they are going to be okay around you.

Don't Push

No one likes someone who is pushy. Take your time when talking with people on Tinder or any other hookup app. Don't push them to meet or give out information. Go at a pace that feels natural for your interactions.

If you come off as pushy it will be hard to establish trust and thus you will be less likely to be able to get an NSA encounter.

Approach it Right

Before asking about an NSA relationship you are going to want to flirt and get to know the person a bit. The flirting helps to break down barriers and establish some communication and a relationship. It also helps you to establish whether you and your potential partner are going to be a good match for an NSA relationship.

No one approach to asking about an NSA relationship will work for everyone. Instead, you are going to want to feel the person out during your brief conversation. Once you have an idea of what the person is like, ask them in a casual way if they are interested in a casual relationship.

Just as a piece of advice, most people don't respond well to being asked whether they want to fuck or not.

Suggest The Right Thing

When it comes to asking about the first hookup or encounter, you are going to want to suggest the right thing. Before saying that you want to go to someone's house or inviting them to yours, offer to have your first meeting at a public place such as a cafe. This is safer for both parties and shows that you are willing to take the time to build up trust.

Other Platforms

One of the problems with using Tinder for finding an NSA relationship is that there are people looking for all kinds of relationships with no real way to sort who you come across. Try looking at dating sites that are specifically designed around NSA or FWB relationships. One such option is FWBdatingonly. There are other options out there and what is important is that you find the option that is right for you.

The world of NSA and FWB hookup is quite diverse, you can find just about any kind of person that you might be looking for, it just might take a minute if you don't use these tips. Each one of them is designed to help you find the perfect match for what you are looking for. Do you have any other tips? Let us know in the comments below.

by FWBdatingonly