FWB Definition - What Do Friends With Benefits Do Together?

Every time someone learns about Friends With Benefits relationships, they are interested in them. One of the biggest questions is: What do Friends With Benefits do together? We thought it was about time that someone gave you the answer to that question, so we are going to cover that today.

Before we go any further, it is important to give the most basic answer to this question, it really depends. Every Friends With Benefits relationship is different. Tailored to the friends involved in the relationship. Some are more oriented towards sex while others are friends who have sex as a benefit.

With that in mind we are going to talk about some of the things that are common in FWB relationships.

FWB Do Together

No-Strings Sex

Of course the most common activity to have in a Friends With Benefits relationship is No-Strings sex. They enjoy everything from vanilla to less traditional sexual activities. That is what these relationships are mostly about anyways. Especially when you make a FWB relationship with someone that you don't know.

Explore Their Sexuality

A lot of people go into Friends With Benefits relationships with the idea of exploring their sexuality. That could mean they are trying with a same sex partner, or just exploring how sexual they feel. Or they could be exploring being gender-fluid or anything else. FWB relationships are viewed often as judgement free zones because you have no connection with the person. There is no harm in allowing them to get to see parts of you others might not.

It also isn't too uncommon for a person's first sexual encounter to be a FWB. They decide that they want to learn what it is like to have sex but don't have a partner. Or they specifically look for something casual.

Explore The World of Kink

Kinks are activities that are not considered regular sexual activities. A kink can be as basic as someone liking to be choked to as advanced as detailed roleplaying. Often, people feel nervous talking to a partner about their kinks or kinks they think they have. By engaging in them with Friends With Benefits they can explore the activities in what feels like a safer environment.

A lot of casual relationships are FWB because there are so many different things that can be done with different partners. It is fun to explore those and it is hard to do that when you are in a committed relationship.

Be Friends

Some FWB relationships are friends outside of the sexual encounters and anything else they do. They will go see movies together, hang out with other friends, some even play video games together. It is true that a good portion of FWB do not follow this style but there are enough people who are friends with their FWBs that it should be mentioned here. Being friends with your FWB partner can introduce a unique aspect into the relationship that makes it closer to a traditional relationship but still without the commitment. You tend to know the person better.

One of the reasons that people advocate against being friends with your FWB partner is that it can ruin friendships. If you share friends in common it can make those relationships awkward, even if you are still together. In the reverse though, it can also make these relationships more exciting.

Everyone Follows The Rules

Friends With Benefits come up with rules around their relationships, what can and can't be done. That being said, there are some general rules that you should follow unless you and your partner specifically decide that they don't apply. Here are some of the common rules in a FWB relationship:

  • - Consent is key in everything you do.
  • - Protection is a must, even if it is regular STD screenings.
  • - Do not lie about having other partners, this is for the safety of everyone involved.
  • - Communication is key.
  • - Everyone should have fun.
  • - Jealousy doesn't happen, if you feel jealous it is important to talk about it.

Rules aren't fun but these ones are in place to keep everyone safe. At the same time, all rules can be discussed with your partner and you can decide not to follow them. In the end it is up to your Friends With Benefits relationships.

What Doesn't Happen

It is also important to mention what doesn't happen in a Friends With Benefits relationship. You do not go on dates or call each other pet names. Doing treads on the grounds of a traditional relationship. FWB partners also do not go against what they agreed to do.

Something important to note here is that while you do not go on dates with a FWB it isn't unheard of for a Friends With Benefits relationship to move to a traditional one. Before assuming that your relationship will become a traditional one, it is key to talk with your partner. Again, communication is crucial in any relationship.

In the end, Friends With Benefits relationships are as unique as any other relationship. What happens in them is up to those involved. That means all parties need to communicate and decide what is going to be involved in their relationship. Some find this conversation hard but it has to happen.

If you are interested in a Friends With Benefits relationship, we highly encourage you to start exploring. There are plenty of places to find a partner. From the internet to bars, you can find someone who is looking for the same thing that you are.

by FWBdatingonly