10 Non-Obvious Signs Your Friends With Benefits Is Falling for You

Friends with benefits relationships have existed for a very long time but have become even more popular with the internet making it easy to find a FWB partner. These relationships have also become more popular with the numerous sex positivity movements that have arisen around the world. Despite how popular these relationships are, a common worry for many is falling for their friend with benefits.

Most who are in a friends with benefits relationship want to know if their partner is falling for them. If they were, it would go against the whole concept of the relationship. Telling whether someone is falling for you or not can be harder than a lot of people think. Today we are going to take a look at some of the signs your friend with benefits is falling for you.

FWB Falling for You

1. Your Conversations Become More Personal

It is normal to have a little chit chat in a friends with benefits relationship but the most common thing to talk about is the sex. You can also talk about things you like and about the news. What you don't typically talk about is personal things such as what is going on in your life.

If the topics of conversation have often started to become more personal then it is probably time to talk with your FWB partner.

2. They Become Jealous

Friends with benefits are not supposed to become attached to each other, that means there is no reason to be jealous of your FWB. If your FWB starts showing signs that they are jealous when you flirt with others or spend time with different people, then you have a sign that they are falling for you.

3. Eye Contact

Eye contact is something very personal to most people. If your friend with benefits starts to maintain eye contact with you longer than normal, it is a sign that they are becoming more intimate with you.

Make sure that this eye contact is happening more than just during sex or more than just sometimes. Eye contact during sex can also just be a sign that the person is really enjoying themselves.

4. Contact Increases

An increase in contact shows that you are interested in the person that you are talking to. Especially when the relationship that you have dictates you are supposed to be just friends who hook up regularly. Not sharing your personal life.

A FWB partner who increases their contact with you is likely falling for you. Not just that, they are showing you that they are looking to move further without telling you that specifically.

5. They Do Stuff For You

A friend with benefits relationship is all about the sex. Rarely, if ever, do they do anything for you. Should your partner start offering you stuff, giving you gifts, etc. then they are likely starting to fall for you.

6. Mistakes Happen In Front of You

For some reason we all start to do stupid things in front of the people that we are falling for. A partner who starts making stupid mistakes in front of you is starting to fall for you. Our best guess as why they do this is because they are so distracted by you but we have yet to prove that.

7. Dates Are Changing

The word date is a little misleading for those who are in a friends with benefits relationship. Most of the time it is just hooking up or Netflix and chill. The main time that this is different is for those who had a friendship before the FWB relationship. Even then, the "dates" shouldn't be personal.

If your dates start to evolve from Netflix and chill to something more personal, then you have a big sign that your FWB partner is interested in being more than just a hookup friend.

8. They Show Off In Front of You

Showing off is something that people do if they are interested in impressing those they are with. It isn't something that people do if they are just hooking up with something. There is no need to impress the person that you are just hooking up with. Take it as a sign if they are interested in something more.

9. Wanting to Spend The Night

In most friends with benefits relationships it is in poor taste to spend the night. Even poorer taste to want to have breakfast or do something more than leave in the morning. Should your partner want to spend the night and/or do more than spend the night, it is a sign that they are starting to fall for you.

10. You Are Spending More Time Together

Spending a lot of time together is a sign of something more than a hookup. Especially when the partner could be doing something else. Should your friend with benefits want to spend more time with you then it is a sign that they are interested in something more.

Tied with this, a friend with benefits who is giving up doing other activities in order to be with you is showing you that you matter to them. They are falling for you.

Friends with benefits relationships are happening in all walks of life in all parts of the world. With that in mind, be aware that all FWB relationships are different. Some partners might be more interested in doing personal things and have different boundaries established. Before using any of these signs to analyze your FWB relationship, it is important to think about your specific relationship.

Even for those with different boundaries in their friend with benefits relationship, these signs can be used to analyze what you are looking at. Make sure to look and see if multiple of them are present. Just one could be a personality trait that your partner has. If your partner is falling for you, that is okay. Not everyone is made for FWB relationships and it is a sign that it is time to look for another partner or to consider a deeper relationship.

by FWBdatingonly