How to Find a FWB Near Me?

Looking to find a friends with benefits near your location? It often feels like an impossible task, with the elusive FWB relationship almost being mythical to many singles looking for a fun and casual time. The truth is there are countless people around the world that are looking for a FWB, you just need to know where to find them and the best way to approach the situation. Let's check out some of the best places for finding a FWB near you!

Find FWB near me

FWB Dating Apps

The world of online dating is a goldmine for potential FWB. This is especially true for dating apps like FWBdatingonly that focus specifically on casual hook ups, with many dating apps being used by single people that want to find a one-night stand or on-going FWB arrangement.

So, it's important to research any dating apps your using when trying to find a casual hookup, because not all of them are used by people looking for this type of relationship. Many dating sites are about finding love and romance, so be sure to avoid these or you may find yourself wasting a lot of time chatting to people that aren't interested in being FWB.

For instance, there are dating apps like FWBdatingonly were users are 100% looking for FWB with other singles. These apps are filled with hot singles that are only looking for casual encounters, so you search specifically for other users that are interested in FWB relationships.

Apps such as this have location based matching systems, so simply create an account and start matching up with singles in your area.

Be mindful of certain apps though! For example, Tinder can be hit and miss when looking for FWB. There are lots of single people using the app and many are interested in casual fun but there are also many more that aren't, so choose your apps wisely!

Bars and Night Clubs

The old-fashioned method of hitting a local bar or night club is still a great way to find casual hook-ups and one-night stands! These places are packed with singles looking for a fun night, so if you manage to find yourself a hook-up here you can then progress towards being FWB.

After all, it's much easier to ask someone to be FWB after a wild night in the bedroom, so make sure you head out to your local watering holes to find some singles looking for action. You will obviously need to play the field a little bit and might need to deal with a few rejections, but this is all part of the game!

Of course, not every bar and club are suitable for finding FWB. Some are too quiet and focused on locals, which means it may be difficult to find single people out looking for a hook-up, although it does give the chance to get to know some people who could later become friends.

Still, it's best to avoid places that are too quiet or upmarket, as you may find it's a lot more difficult to strike it lucky.

Look for bars and clubs that cater to younger crowds and party animals, as you're more likely to find a friend with benefits on a night out when the drinks are flowing and the party vibe is strong. This means night clubs are a great option, especially when there is a good DJ that can pull in big crowds, while it's also a good idea to go somewhere that has quieter seating options so you can get chatting and flirting.

Local Meet Ups

Meetup groups are online communities that arrange for personal meet ups with all their members, typically hosting meet and greets once or twice per month. While there may not be one in your local area, there should be a FWB meetup group within travelling distance of your area.

Meetups are a fantastic place to find a partner because that is the entire purpose of the events! Everyone attending will be a like-minded individual seeking friends with benefits relationship, so it should be easy enough to find someone to your liking.

Again, where you live will impact how suitable this option is for you. For instance, if you live in or nearby to a city then there is a massive chance of finding meetups in your area. Check online for more information - a quick Google search should get you some interesting results!

Also, the meetups don't need to be specifically for people looking for FWB. There are many dating meetup groups where it's possible to find fellow singles looking for FWB, while casual dating and swingers' groups are also worth checking out.

Social Media

The likes of Instagram and Facebook have millions of active users every day, so this works out to be quite a large dating pool you can tap into. While it will take a bit more work and playing the field, you can most certainly find someone on Instagram or Facebook that are interested in FWB.

You can even search for groups or hashtags, although you may prefer to play it cool and try to chat up someone you encounter on social media.

For instance, there are probably loads of people you know on social media that are single or know someone who is single - what better place to start looking for friends with benefits than your online friends list?

Instagram can be an incredible place for finding FWB too, with all kinds of people using the site to upload photos. Many of these are very sexy and suggestive, which gives you a good starting point for trying to find someone - start dropping likes, follow accounts, and get into those DMs whenever possible!

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