How To Ask A Girl To Be Friends With Benefits Over Text?

The world of Friends With Benefits dating and sex can be intimidating and confusing. You need to tread carefully so your intentions can be clear and you don't hurt the other person. If you want to ask a long-time female friend to be friends with benefits (FWB) with you, then you need to be careful.

Here are the steps you can take to ask a girl to be FWB over text.

Ask A Girl

1. Send Her An Opening Line To Initiate Conversation

By this, we don't mean that you should text a pickup line. That is cheesy, and it will probably make her feel weird about you. Instead, you should send an opening line to initiate a conversation with her.

Keep in mind that you should not text, "Hey, what's up?" That is because it is a bland conversation starter and does not add any value to it. Instead, you can start a conversation in these ways:

  • - Mention something you talked about in your previous conversations
  • - Ask a question related to something you have already talked about
  • - Talk about something new you found out that you wanted to share

These three ways show that you are interested, and you pay attention to the conversations that take place. The standard "hey" is the worst and most inauthentic way to start a conversation.

2. Create Some Subtle Conversational Banter

Do you want to spend some time with her and hang out? If you do, you need to create some conversational banter that gives you both a reason to see each other soon. One of the best ways to do that is to establish an inside joke with her that is related to some activity.

For example, if you are an excellent dancer and the girl is not, you can always establish banter about how bad she is (do it nicely and don't be rude). When she admits, you can tell her that you will teach her to dance the next time you both meet.

Of course, this is just one example. You can create any banter depending on the interests of the girl and what you are good at. The key is to find something she likes and then subtly incorporate it into the conversation, so you have a reason to meet.

3. Make Your Intentions Crystal Clear

Before you ask her to meet you or set up a date, you should make your intentions clear to her. Keep in mind that you should not state you want to have sex with her without any strings attached. Instead, phrase your texts in such a way that it lets her know you are not interested in a commitment or a relationship.

You can do this by slipping into a conversation that you are not a relationship person, and you are not interested in one at all. Being honest is the best way to let a girl know of your intentions, and the rest is up to her. If she is interested in being FWB with you, she will make sure you know that too.

The aim of making your intentions clear is that she can be comfortable in providing you with an answer. Once you make your intentions clear, the ball will be in her court as she needs to decide what to do. Once she does, you will have your answer in no time.

4. Ask Her To Meet

If you have followed steps one, two, and three correctly, this will come incredibly quickly. All you have to do is bring up the inside joke you created in step two and then set the logistics of your meeting, i.e., the place and time. If she is interested in hanging out with you, she will accept your invitation in no time.

However, if she gives you an excuse or genuine reason why she can't make it, ask her once more after a few days. Of course, if she rejects your invitation again in a few days, it means she is not interested in being FWB with you, and you should move on.

That is because when a girl wants to hang out with you, she will find a way to spend time with you. She will also attempt to reschedule the meeting if she gives you an excuse when you ask. That is why you should not push too much and let her be if she rejects your rescheduling efforts.

5. Respect Her Reply

Many people don't like hearing the word "no," and they can become clingy and pushy. If you get a "yes" from her in terms of an FWB relationship, make sure you set all the ground rules to establish a fruitful FWB relationship.

You need to set rules of what will happen if someone starts having feelings for the other. These ground rules are essential to keeping your FWB relationship afloat without any problems. On the other hand, if her answer is "no," you should respectfully retreat.

There is no point in pushing her or trying to change her mind. When she says no, it is clear that she is not interested in pursuing an FWB relationship with you. So, be respectful no matter the answer you get and then act accordingly so you can maintain your friendship even if she says no.

That was your complete guide on how to ask a girl to be FWB over text. Once you follow these steps, you will get your answer in no time. Keep in mind that you should ease into the transition of asking her instead of just outright asking the first time you text her.

Start some conversation, create inside jokes, and build a good rapport with her. After that, you can respectfully make your intentions clear and then ask her to hang out. If she says yes, you can start setting some rules to have a fruitful FWB relationship.

If she says no, you should respect that and retreat. After all, being clingy will only push her away. You can also opt for online hookup site to find a FWB in no time.

by FWBdatingonly