What Does Friends With Benefits Mean to A Guy

Friends with benefits (FWB) revolves around two individuals who consent to get together for intimate activities. However, the way the two understand the idea of an FWB might be completely different. When it comes to guys, FWB holds a different meaning than what it could to women. However, there are some instances where the two hold similar notions about what this means to them.

Let's take a look at what the guy's perspective is when it comes to friends with benefits.

FWB mean to a guy

Pleasure and Exploration

Without a doubt, a Friends With Benefits situation is mainly to get maximum satisfaction and explore the limits of your pleasure as much as possible. While this is a common attribute that men and women both associate with FWB, guys are always more focused on this aspect of the FWB situation.

To the guys, it means that FWB is a way to get the ultimate pleasure and seek as many ways as possible to get it. There are no limitations to anything as you can have as many partners as you want to see where your sexual exploration takes you.

Casual and Short-term

FWB is not supposed to last long and that's what goes on in every guy's head. They're supposed to be short and casual till they last so that they can have as much fun as they want. Typically, FWBs don't last that long anyway, so expecting these to be a short-term thing isn't a bizarre though. This is what men think of when getting into one and if things go great, the FWB deal might extend for longer, who knows?


Guys think of FWB as a way to experiment and experience their time with new people. It's completely commitment-free and can lead to a lot of exciting affairs for them. Being with different women at different times is a common expectation of men when it comes to FWB. Assuming that they will be able to get action from not only one but a variety of females is a thought that they enjoy.

Fun and Exciting

The best thing about FWBs is that they are fun and exciting. Guys get thrilled upon hearing about the idea of an FWB and can't wait to get in. It's far away from all the typical relationships and a way to just have fun when it is convenient. As their FWB calls them up to their place, guys find themselves exhilarated with the idea of getting some action. Not only is the buildup to the eventual meetup full of excitement, but the actual meetup in the bedroom turns everything up many different levels.

No Commitments or Drama

Friends With Benefits is defined as having no commitments and it is more free-falling which guys love. Many times, guys want to avoid getting into relationships because of their fear of commitments or simply because it isn't their cup of tea. An FWB means that they don't have to deal with the issues that they would have to if they were in a relationship. It's more of a touch-and-go kind of situation when the other party leaves once the sexual favors are fulfilled. FWB means no drama and only fun!

Open to Other Relationships

As a guy enters into an FWB relationship, he expects that this is short-term and is open to the idea of having other relationships alongside this. This means that as soon as the "right one" comes along, they will be able to switch things up and be ready for a relationship. Till then, this is a means to enjoy themselves and explore the possibilities that are out there for them in terms of women.

A Way to Keep Company

While many don't actively agree to this, there are often many times that men feel lonely at night without having anything to do. With an FWB situation, they have a way to keep them company and keep them from falling into a lapse of boredom. While the FWB might not stay overnight, they surely take up most of the time at night which suffices when it comes to wanting company for a while. In this case, there's more action and fewer words but either way keeps men from being bored.

There are plenty more meanings that men take from FWBs. Mostly, it is a way to have intimate relationships with someone without really having to deal with the entire relationship drama that comes with it. Sometimes, all people need is a way to fulfill their physical needs rather than investing in someone emotionally and Friends With Benefits is the perfect way to go about it.

by FWBdatingonly