How To Keep Your FWB Interested In You

Usually, a friend with benefits situation is easy flowing. All you need to do is to make sure that you keep your FWB interested in you to continue your fun. That is only if you like the action that takes place. While you might think that it might not be easy to do so given the many possibilities that your FWB has available, you'll find many easy ways to keep them interested. They're not difficult to follow through and if you want to make sure that your FWB is interested in you throughout, then it's best to follow these tips. 

Keep FWB Interested

Groom Regularly

Don't ever forget this. You're not in a long-term relationship that you would overlook the grooming bit. Keep yourself neat and tidy so that your friends with benefits can maintain their interest in you. If you start to get comfortable with them, that's when you'll start losing them. Don't want that now, do you? Keep a habit of grooming regularly so that even if there are spontaneous sessions, you are always prepped for the action.

Don't be Clingy

One major reason why your FWB is in this situation is that they don't want to be in a relationship. If you start being clingy, you will give off the wrong signals and make him want to run away. To avoid your FWB from running away, make sure you keep your act together and don't be clingy with them. You both need space and you need to live different lives outside the bedroom. Trying to get involved is only going to make your FWB look the other way and ignore you.

Be Upfront About What You Want

Don't leave everything up to your FWB to understand. Somethings are meant for you to talk about such as what you like. Not only will this turn them on, but they will be more interested in you. The more expressive and communicative you are about the things you like when the two of you are in bed, the more options both of you will have to do. This means, your FWB is surely going to be interested and involved with everything that you have to say while the two of you are in a confined room.

Avoid Reaching out to Your FWB for Emotional Support

A big no to this! Never reach out to your Friends with Benefits when you need someone to talk to. Go to your friends about this. Whether you have good news or bad news, the last person on your mind should be your FWB. Keep things detached and avoid attaching any emotions with your FWB so that they don't lose their interest in you. This is opposite in relationships that is why FWBs are so different from them. Keep your sob stories or stories about work away from your FWB and stay focused on why you got together in the first place.

Say No to Being Plus Ones

Avoid unnecessary meetups with your FWB. To keep things light, casual, fun, and interesting, a little mystery is necessary. If you start taking them everywhere with you, you're sure to be giving a different kind of signal to them. If you're both on the same page, then that's one thing. But if your FWB is clear with you that they want a strictly FWB situation without any other involvement, then don't even think about asking them to go out with you or be your plus one in any situation.

Be Clear About Using Protection

Best way to keep your FWB interested? Start up a conversation about condom usage before you get in. They will know that you're in the same game as they are and don't want any surprises throughout this FWB journey. Going without the rubber seems like a more relationship kind of thing. So, keep things casual and make sure you have talked to them about how to go about the protection issue. It will make things clear as to what you want from the FWB and they'll be on the same page with you, and all the more interested.

Make use of these tips and see how lovely your Friends with Benefits situation gets. Keep in mind, however, the best thing to do when it comes to FWBs is to know when the time is up. Don't drag your FWB scene if you know that the other person is not interested in you anymore. All you have to do is make sure that you try to keep them interested while you're in an FWB situation with them, but once things are too dull, it's best to end them right there before any resentment comes out.

by FWBdatingonly