How to Get a Real Friend With Benefits - The Most Complete Guide

Friends with benefits is a casual style of relationship where you have friends who you sleep around with. Depending on your agreement with your partner, you may find yourself also being friends and hanging out. For many this is a relationship style that they want to pursue but they don't know how. Especially since friends with benefits are often not discussed openly.

We are going to break that trend today and look at how you can get real friends with benefits.

The first step in any search for a relationship is to decide what you are looking for. FWB is no different. Before beginning your search, you should think about what you want. Do you want to be friends? Just have sex? Are you okay with your new partner talking about your relationship? Knowing this before you go in will give you a better idea of who you are looking for.

Get a Real Friend With Benefits

Where to Meet Them

A big part of having a friends with benefits relationship is finding a partner. There are a variety of ways to find someone for such a relationship. We are going to take a look at some of the best.

Friends With Benefits Dating Sites

A number of websites dedicated specifically toward friends with benefits relationships have appeared around the internet. These sites are great because they provide a place for you to meet people you never would have met in person. Even more than that, everyone on the site is looking for the same thing that you are, a friends with benefits relationship.

One of these sites is As a site dedicated specifically to FWB dating, it comes with one of the largest number of features and users in the industry. From live webcams to chat rooms and a hot or not feature. All of it is there to help you find others near you.

Online Communities

There are a number of communities online for friends with benefits, dating, and even kink oriented communities. Finding these communities can serve as a great way to meet new people. You can also ask any questions you have on these communities and get advice when you need it. That way you don't have to go in with unanswered questions or awkward feelings.

If using an online community to find a FWB partner, make sure that you are being courteous and not jumping right into discussing friends with benefits relationships. Most of these places are geared towards friendships and community. They don't want their inbox filled with people talking about sex.

Going Offline

The traditional place to find friends with benefits partners is at the bars and nightclubs. People go to these places to relax and have fun. A good portion go to meet someone too. In order to maximize your chances of finding a partner, look for a nightclub or bar where it is commonplace to mill about and talk with others. You don't want to go somewhere where everyone keeps to themselves. This will defeat the purpose.

Going to bars and nightclubs is a great option but keep in mind, not everyone you run into will be looking for friends with benefits relationship. Use your judgement and don't be afraid to clarify that you are only looking for something casual. Also, it is really easy to drink too much when you go to a bar or nightclub. Over drinking will make it hard to find a partner for friends with benefits relationship. You can drink just enough to get a buzz but make sure you still have all of your faculties.

FWB Groups

A decent amount of friends with benefits relationships start from meetup groups in your local area. All kinds of meetups can be found. Some of them are oriented towards singles while others are oriented towards activities or hobbies. Joining these groups will help you to meet new and interesting people. Plus, you will already have something in common and that often makes it a lot easier to break the ice.

When selecting a meetup group to find friends with benefits relationship, choose one that you actually enjoy. Most importantly though, keep in mind that not everyone will be there for dating or friends with benefits relationships. Be ready to be turned down by some people. Also be kind and friendly in how you approach asking people out as you don't want to be kicked out of the meetup.

Ask Real Friends

Some friends with benefits relationships start as friendships. People get to know each other, enjoy spending time together, and want to be able to have sex without having commitments. There is no problem with this. You can casually approach the idea of being FWB buddies with one of your friends and see what they think.

One of the reasons that this is one of the lesser recommended options is that it can easily make friendships awkward and can ruin friendships. With that in mind, plenty of people make this work every day.

Develop A Solid Profile

Some of the above options are online and require you to have a profile. Take a good amount of time setting up your profile to ensure that it makes you interesting and attracts the attention of people who might be interested in you. Crafting a well-worded text profile with interesting content (not related to sex) will help to catch someone's eye. A few good pictures of you smiling will do the same thing.

Communicate With Your Partner

Communication is key in any relationship. One way to get and keep a friend with benefits is to talk with them. Explain what you are looking for and come up with a mutual understanding of the relationship. Explain all of those things that you decided on in the first tip. From there you will be able to identify if you will work well together.

Practicing good communication skills will help to make a friends with benefits relationship easier. It will also make asking people about having one easier.

Having a friends with benefits relationship is one of the best decisions you can make. It is an experience like no other. Take these tips above and start looking for a friend with benefits using one of the options above. You can also combine multiple options for finding a friend with benefits to increase your chance of finding a partner, or partners.

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