The Key to Finding your FWB on Facebook

Social media, especially Facebook, is everyone's main source for just about anything. Facebook allows people to stay caught up on the lives of friends and families, share their stories, read the news, and even buy items through the marketplace. It has become an outlet for any area of people's lives.

Another aspect that Facebook offers is meeting new people, or even old friends, in a new way. It has bloomed many relationships and created an environment of internet dating that strays away from the norms of dating apps. People are not expecting to meet a person on Facebook, they are expecting to share their lives. Though sometimes that attracts more than a dating site ever could.

Find FWB on Facebook

Subtle steps to finding your FWB.

At times, people are hoping to find someone through Facebook, a certain kind of relationship. A friends with benefits relationship. So how does one start when searching for this non-monogamous situation through a platform like Facebook? You cannot just strive for bluntness. There are far too many family members and friends that see your posts. You must begin subtly.

Change that profile picture!

You can start to gain some of this attention by changing your profile picture. Showing a little more skin, but not over the top, helps to put people in a new mindset of you. After changing your profile picture go through your mutual friends. Send requests to those who you find attractive. What's the point of a friend with benefits you are not attracted to anyways?

Post more but don't over-post.

After some new friends are added post a few pictures of yourself. That is not meant in posting 10 selfies. Maybe post 1 selfie then pictures of you out having fun. This puts a vision in people's minds that you are an adventurous person.

Picture flirting.

Once you have a few people in mind that you would like to begin a relationship like this with go through and like one of their pictures. However, do not like just any picture. Make sure it is one you can begin a conversation off of. After doing that send them a direct message commenting on the picture you liked of theirs. Perhaps it was a place they traveled to that you have always dreamed of going to. Then you can ask for advice on things to do once you plan the trip one day.

These are key factors in finding a friend with benefits through Facebook. Follow these simple subtle steps and you will be meeting up for a Netflix night before you know it.

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by FWBdatingonly