Who is the Right Type of Person for a FWB Relationship

So, you've given it a lot of time and consideration and you've decided that you want to pursue a friends with benefits relationship. You know that you just don't have the time or the energy for a dedicated, exclusive romantic relationship, but you still want the companionship and the physical aspect of being with somebody.

You've read up on the subject and you're pretty sure that this is the right choice for you oh, and you may be considering someone already that you know you have a strong attraction to, but you want to be clear on the type of qualities you should look for in that partner before you jump in. And this is a smart move for any type of relationship that you can get in. Below you're going to find some great tips on the type of person you should be pursuing for your FWB relationship.

Right person for FWB

You should already know each other pretty well, if you're not already good friends.

You and this person ideally are already familiar with each other. You're attracted to each other and you get along really well. The whole thing that separates a Friends with Benefits relationship from a casual hookup or a one-night stand is the fact that the two of you already run in the same social circles.

If it is something you want to keep private or at least a little personal, it shouldn't be odd that the two of you start spending more time together especially if that time is alone. If that's not something that bothers you, it should be something you're at least comfortable mentioning to the rest of your social circle. And this should also be true of the person that you are wanting to have sex with.

This should be someone that is available.

This tip is vague for a reason. First of all, the person needs to be physically available and available outside of a relationship. You should not have a Friends with Benefits relationship with somebody who is already in a dedicated relationship because that's cheating. Ideally, this person isn't someone who has recently gotten out of a relationship or get easily attached to people. They are laid back and understanding, they also need to be available in the sense of a schedule.

If you guys can't find convenient times to hook up, the whole relationship won't work out the way you want it to. Making sure that you guys communicate about time and frequency is going to be key in this department too. This person is going to be one of the more important aspects of your life and you need to make sure that you can give them the same kind of considerations that you want to ask of them.

This should be someone who is okay with sharing.

The whole point of a FWB relationship is having sex without having to be in a dedicated monogamous relationship. This means that there can and probably will be times that one of you will be attracted to somebody else and want to hook up with them. It should be okay for either of you to do this. If you notice that this person tends to be jealous or tends to get upset when you mention somebody else, this is a red flag and you should probably not pursue this person further.

It's important for you both to remember that you are not a couple and that these types of rules for your arrangement are okay with both of you. If this person is not okay with sharing, that means that they are not okay with being a FWB. Move on and find someone else that is.

by FWBdatingonly