When You Should Consider Having a FWB

It's a term we hear all over the place and have a vague idea of what it means but some people just don't know how to go about getting themselves into the situation of having a FWB. The basic concept is simple: you are in and no strings attached mostly exclusive sexual relationship with someone with whom you are either not dating or do you not plan to date.

The nature of the relationship from there can vary, but typically it is somebody that you know fairly well and trust greatly. You may have an idea already of someone that you would like to pursue this type of relationship with, or you may be thinking that you just don't have enough to pour into a real relationship, but the two of you could have something there. Here are some of the best ideas for when you should consider having a FWB.

Consider Having a FWB

You should know that you already have chemistry with each other.

This fact is probably the most important out of all of them. You need to be absolutely sure that the person who you are pursuing or your friends with benefits relationship and yourself have a great physical chemistry with each other. This could mean that you have already had sex at least once. And this is ideally the situation. You've been around each other in some social situations before and the attraction is undeniable and you guys share interests and enjoy spending time together.

At this point it might not seem much different than starting to date somebody, but if you are certain of how you want to pursue things and the two of you are clear on that it is a great place to start.

You are on the same page with the person you want.

This is yet another important fact. Like any relationship under the sun, having solid and clear communication is going to be paramount to this arrangement working out for the two of you. It's dangerous or the two of you to continue having sex repeatedly and not talk about why or what it means to either of you. Feelings can be messy and complicated and they are not something that sort themselves out with time. They also don't go away. It's extremely important that you talk to the person with whom you are having the relationship and spell out exactly what you are expecting out of your relationship with each other.

Once you guys are on the same page as far as expectations or the future, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying relationship that you seek to cultivate. It's also important that you guys continue to communicate with each other on a pretty regular basis about where things are going and make sure that you have a plan to end things or circumstances that you agree on to end things if something changes.

You need to be honest with yourself.

Probably the last and most solid piece of advice that you are going to get is that you need to be honest and open with yourself about what you're doing and why you're doing it. If you are someone that Associates being in love and having sex on the same level, this type of arrangement will probably not be the right one for you. That also goes for the other person that you are considering pursuing a casual relationship with. Also, if you do get in the relationship and you find yourself developing feelings for the other person that go beyond the original agreement, it's a really important that you talk to them and see if you need to keep going or stop.

Having a friend with benefits could be exactly what you're looking for or it could be a complete disaster and it all comes down to how well you are communicating with yourself and the other person and what you're willing to deal with. Once you consider all these factors and you decide that it's right for you nothing is stopping you from pursuing the lifestyle that you want.

by FWBdatingonly