What Makes FWB relationships Great?

Friends with benefits relations are one of the best ways to enjoy fun without having ties to another person. Instead of having a traditional dating relationship, FWB just get together to have fun with each other. Sometimes its for a make out session, sometimes its sex. It is never a date.

What makes these relationships so great? Great enough people are passing up one night stands or traditional relationships?

FWB relationships Great

No Strings Attached

The number one reason to go with a friend with benefits is that there are no strings attached. Most adults like the ability to see who they want when they want but want to be able to regularly have someone to enjoy intimate time with. And yes, its true that women want this too.

No strings also means that the relationship is easier to manage. There is no complicated planning, no needing to worry about anniversaries, etc. Everyone wants to simplify life and remove stress.

And with a friends with benefits relationship there definitely isn't any stress. No drama and no fighting means no stress from your FWB relationship. And even if there is you can always find a new FWB.

As Many Partners As You Want

You aren't limited to having one friend with benefits at a time. You can sleep with as many people as you want. One night stands, relationships, other FWB, and anything else is open game. There is no commitment to be with one person.

No limits to the number of partners you have means you need to be safe. You should always use protection when having a friends with benefits relationship.

Fun When You Want It

There are a lot of dating situations where you can have fun but most of them require you to do more than just have sex. Dates, spending time together, cleaning, etc. But not with a FWB relationship. When you have friends with benefits there is nothing to do but sex and you can have fun when you want it. In fact, having sex should be almost the only thing you do when you are together.

Friends with benefits are specifically not meant to do the other relationship things. It is considered taboo to even ask to do more with a FWB in most relationships.

Checkout Whoever You Want

Everyone checks people out but when you are in a relationship, that is frowned upon. And if your partner catches you doing it, you can get in trouble. On the very rare occasion that you and your FWB are outside together, there is no reason you can't check someone out because there is no attachment with each other besides having sex.

There are a lot of fish in the see and you can take a look at any of them when you are in a friends with benefits relationship.

Easier To Talk About Your Desires

When you are dating someone there is a lot of anxiety about making the other person uncomfortable or turning them off. A friend with benefits relationship is designed to be easy to leave. Nothing is shared and there are no ties. That makes it much easier to talk with each other about anything that you want. Including sexual desires and kinks.

No judgement at all in a friends with benefits relationship. Another reason why there is much less stress in a FWB relationship.

No Awkward Friend And Family Introductions

One of the most awkward moments in a relationship is meeting both friends and family members. Friends with benefits relationships are between two people. No one else is involved. You don't take your FWB partner to meet any friends or family. That means no more awkward introductions. Something that we would all be grateful for.

If you do happen to meet one of their friends by accident, then they won't know who you are. To their friends, you are just another friend. Friends meeting friends is far less awkward than other introductions.

Having a friends with benefits relationship is become more popular, people are also becoming more open about their relationships. Society is become a less judgmental place and that opens the doors for people to have different types of relationships. You can break free from the norm and do what you want.

by FWBdatingonly