Do "Friends with Benefits" Relationships Work for Over 50 Singles?

Sex complicates any relationship. If you are great friends with someone, having "benefits" as part of your arrangement can create complications even if the intent is to avoid issues.

It is not unusual for these relationships to come with jealousy, mismatches expectations, and secret motives. Some people even seek out this arrangement as a way to support their mental health.

These relationships can work for over 50 singles when ethical boundaries and communication exist. It is also a friendship that almost inevitably turns complicated, which can be a turn-off to many mature adults.

How can you handle the emotional complexities of being intimate with a friend without taking that relationship to the next level?

Friends with Benefits Over 50

How to Manage a Mature "Friends with Benefits" Relationship

This relationship structure requires each person to respect the lifestyle and decisions of the other individual. Since they are not a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriends, you don't have a say in what they do or where they go.

If that person wants to stop your relationship to pursue one with someone else, you're stuck in a position where this action must be okay with you.

These tips can help you manage this form of intimacy as an over 50 single.

1. Define your friendship and benefits.

Make sure that the definitions you have about your friendship and the benefits that come with it align with your partner's expectations. It helps to talk about what makes you comfortable early and often to avoid problems with mismatches. Then work toward cultivating a healthy connection each day.

2. Avoid this relationship if you want something more.

If you want a more serious relationship with someone, then don't cross the line by starting a "friends with benefits" connection. There is always the possibility that this friendship could turn into something more, but you should not go into this agreement thinking that a specific outcome will happen.

3. Be honest about your sex life.

You should feel comfortable answering questions about your sex life. Your partner should feel the same way. If you don't have this transparency in your relationship, then there will be awkward situations that develop at some point in your life. Intimacy requires someone you can trust.

4. Prioritize the friendship over the sex.

Even if you're an over 50 single, a "friends with benefits" relationship means that you have a friend who is willing to add intimacy into the equation. You need to preserve that relationship if possible. If things become complicated or feelings develop that are not reciprocal, then it is time to take a step back from your physical contact. Spend some time together that doesn't require sexuality.

Honesty is the top priority for relationships in the over-50 demographic. Multiple physical and emotional benefits occur if you can manage a "friends with benefits" connection with someone. As long as each person is consenting and there are no health risks present, then this relationship can work for you at any age.

by FWBdatingonly