Do Guys Care About their FWB?

Friends with benefits relationships can be created in multiple ways. Whether you and your best friend had too much to drink one evening and end up rustling around. Or maybe you are not in the place for a relationship yet meet someone whom you find unfathomably attractive. Friends with benefits give you the outlet of acting on your sexual desires while straying away from the expectations of a relationship.

When starting friends with benefits relationships there are multiple aspects to keep in mind. One, you cannot begin feeling possessive or jealous. Your nightly hook up may have a morning coffee date with another person. Don't take it personally as the two of you have agreed to keep strings unattached. Getting comfortable with your FWB is fine, as you should be comfortable with whomever you are being sexual with. Just do not get too comfortable. There is a fine line between friendships and relationships. Adding sex to the mix already fabricates a new dynamic that is not just friendship. Appearing for them during hard days will end in mixed signals and what ends in a broken heart.

Guys Care FWB

Do Females Care More in an FWB relationship?

Females are a unique breed. Not in a sexist manner but in the way they are more nurturing spirits. Creating a unique experience based on emotions is important to a woman, as it also is to a man. Both genders can be disassociated at times from what is occurring in their daily lives. Especially in a friend with benefits relationship. It is effortless at times to set aside any emotions in that aspect of their life. Just to go in with no thoughts or expectations and leave in the same mode.

However, in every movie that has existed, it has always shown the girl who ends with the broken heart from these experiences. Or even go as your girlfriends, I'm sure they have been on the unreciprocated end of what began as friends with benefits relationship. 

So Do Guys Care About Their FWB?

When it comes to a guy caring about their FWB it comes down to a few major points. One did this friendship occur before a sexual relationship was created? If so then yes, they do care. Not in a romantic way as much as a friendly way. They would not want to see something terrible happen to you, though they probably would not want to take you on a nice getaway.

If you have met someone new who you create an FWB relationship with, odds are it will take time for them to truly care. At first, they will see you for what the relationship is. Which is not a bad thing as long as you also understand what to expect. As time goes on both people in this relationship will always create a sense of caring for the other. Sharing something so intimate makes it impossible to not.

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